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Baby Evie, born yesterday

Get to the hospital, now! Those are the words the doctor spoke to my wife at her 38 week check up. With those words echoing through her mind, we frantically tried to plan this unexpected trip to the hospital.

Who would get Jacks off the bus? Would I be able to leave the hospital to come home to pack a bag? We were instructed to get to the Labor/Delivery ward ASAP. And most pressing, is Evie going to be ok?

We made a hurried call to Pastor Hopkins who assured us the church would be praying. Sis Hopkins spoke against the fear that was trying to lay hold of our minds. The fear and doubt was met in the battlefield by the prayers of the faithful, as our church family surrounded us in faith, covering us with blankets of prayer.

We arrived at the hospital where we learned that the placenta wasn’t doing the job it was supposed to be doing for our little one. She was smaller than she was supposed to be. Again the fear tried creeping in to our hearts and minds. Unfortunately for the spirit of fear, the Hopkins and Michele’s parents arrived at the hospital as well and from the parking lot began sending waves of prayer and peace into that hospital room.

God’s peace triumphed over the fear and worry and at 8:08 last night Evie was introduced to the world. She weighed 5 lbs 13 oz and is perfect.

There aren’t adequate words to describe the thankfulness Michele and I feel towards our Pastor, our First Lady, our family and church family for their prayers and support. There isn’t enough space in this blog or time in the world to begin to express thanks to God for His provision, His peace, His joy.

I couldn’t imagine facing what we did last night without people of like minded faith willing to hit their knees in intercession for others in times of need. God is great, He is good and I’m glad I have an eternity to thank him for the little bundle of joy I hold in my arms right now.