The King’s Judgement

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There is one Lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy… “(James 4:12, KJV).

I’m drug before the Throne, chained, tattered, and dirty. The accuser stands before me, Sin and Flesh hold me by my chains, each with a list of the sins and wrongs I’ve committed, ashamedly, the lists are quite long.

High above the court sits the King, in His Glory, glimmering white with Righteousness. He sits on a Throne of Holiness, the gavel of Justice sits in His hand. I await the King’s Judgement.

“Oh Lord,” the accuser begins, “Here we have a sinner, his wrongs many, his sins great. He is blemished and broken, with no hope of changing. What is the penalty of sin?”

“You know well the price of sin and wrong Satan.” The King of Kings responds. He looks at me, “The wages of sin is death.”

I bow my head, tears flowing down my face. My life of sin and wrong, my choices made solely to appease my flesh are weigh upon me, seemingly heavier with each passing moment.

“My Lord,” My voice barely audible, although He seems to have no trouble hearing me. “I am a sinner, a life full of wrong turns and choices. I’m sorry, I can only ask mercy, though I know I don’t deserve it.”

“Haha, mercy? You think He should show you mercy? How many times have you done wrong, sinned, or did whatever you wanted with no thought towards it’s consequences?” Satan turns towards me. “You deserve to die, that is what you’ve earned with your life.”

“Enough!” His voice booms across the court, silencing Satan. Flesh, Sin, and Satan all tremble and take a step back. He looks at me, with love and compassion. He stands up, He takes off His robe of Heavenly power and authority, and pulls out a robe of humanity. He steps down off the Throne of Righteousness and walks towards me.

He removes the chains from my neck, lifting the burden off my back, and places them around his neck. “The King’s judgment is death, justice demands blood be shed.” He turns to Death, “and so I will take his place.”

I watch horrified as He is led to a whipping post, where He is beaten and flogged. “This is for your healing” His voice speaks to me.

I follow as He is taken to a hill and witness the King of Kings lay Himself upon a cross, a cross that was made for me. He is nailed to it, and raised up for all to see. The Holy and Righteous One, nailed to the cross meant for me.

“This is so you can live forever, free from sin and strife, free from the worry of death.”

“But, why You? You are perfect, You never sinned.” I ask Him as He hangs there, His blood running down the cross.

“Exactly, only a spotless sacrifice can take your place.” He replies.

“I’m not worthy, I can never begin repay the mercy you’ve given me. Why would You give Your life for mine?”

“Because I love you.” And with those words He dies.

Silently Death drops my judgement to the ground, turns and walks away, Sin follows, with Satan trailing behind. I walk over where the parchment that carried my sentence lays and pick it up. As I hold it up, blood drips of His body and splatters on across the page.

Where it reads “Sentence: Death” the blood covers with “Paid in Full“, the lists of sin and wrong was now blank, my past erased by the blood. My mind could not comprehend what kind of love He had for me to lay down His life so I might live.

As I stand in the shadow of the cross, for the first time I feel free, my burdens lifted, the chains that had me bound were gone. I looked down at my clothes, once tattered and worn, now white without spot or wrinkle.

I was spared the King’s Judgment because of His mercy. His love took what I deserved and through His mercy gave me life, in place of death. I could walk freely in newness of life, my sin covered under His blood.

2 thoughts on “The King’s Judgement

  1. Wow. Such imagery. We are so unworthy but yet He loves us. Good work Jared. You have such a way with words and this really stirs the soul.


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